Faculty of Education


     The Faculty of Education at the University of Jeddah was established by a decision of the Manager of King Abdul Aziz University No. 9153 / S on 24/5/1430 H. Previously, it included a variety of colleges as follows: Teachers College, which started in the academic year of 1409 H, and College of Education for female students, which started in the academic year of 1394 H. In 1434, the Supreme Order was issued to establish the University of Jeddah, and Facility of Education was included as one of its colleges.


The first choice for future leaders in the field of education


Adoption of academic majors and skills of the future to prepare a generation of scientists, leaders, and innovators in the field of education for contributing in the development of our society, economy, and homeland.

Core Values ​​

1- Muslim ethics

2- Knowledge and research for all    

3- Good citizenship

4- High Quality and excellence

5- Community partnership


1- Developing high-quality and a varity of academic programs that meet the needs of the private labor market.

2- Ensuring the quality of educational and administrative practices in the college based on national and international standards.

3- Establishing a continuous community partnership within individuals and civil society organizations. 

4- Promoting a culture of competitiveness, creativity, and educational entrepreneurship.

5- Creating a positive environment to increase the publication rates of scientific research based on international classifications and indicators.

6- Employing technology to manage internal and external operations. 

7- Finding a variety of funding sources to ensure sustainable and contusions development.

Academic Departments

1- Department of Educational Management and Foundations

2- Department of Learning Technology  

3- Department of Curriculum and Instruction

4- Department of Special Education

Academic Programs

1- Bachelor degree in special education

2- Bachelor degree in learning technology

3- Master's degree in special education

4- Master's degree in learning technology

5- Master's degree in curriculum and instruction

6- Master's degree in educational management and foundations